Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ann Coulter

Tonight I went with Jason and 2 friends to hear Ann Coulter speak. We had reserved seats at FSU. She sure is one amazing lady. Funny too. I actually agree with her. She gave a speech about Why Liberals Are Wrong. Then she fielded questions from the audience, a lot of which were FSU students trying to "pick a fight" so to speak. But she is pithy and made her points very well, actually I thought she made her opponents feel quite small, which they should feel for asking such dumb questions. As you probably already know, Ms. Coulter is single, and beautiful, and smart, it was no surprise that she got not one, but two, marriage proposals form the audience. A third guy asked her for her phone number while she contemplated the marriage offers. It was so funny, and sweet.
After her speech, there was a reception for her at the Governor's Club. This was a ticket only event, to which we 4 had tickets to. So she signed my book, and took photos with people. She left before I could get my photo with her, and I was disappointed at that. But as we were walking back to our car to come home, there she is, getting out of the car she is in at the hotel she is staying at, and yes, we just happened to be there. I asked her for a picture with her, she willingly obliged, and patted my back after the snapshot, and she thanked ME. How very humble of her. I thanked her for the photo and told her what a wonderful job she is doing, and how nice it was to meet her, and she said it was nice to meet me too. She is so very sweet. I like her.
Unfortunatly, my camera has been on the fritz, and my photos did not turn out all that well. This makes me a little sad. I hope that somehow, someone, somewhere can fix these photos: make them clear.
Ann, thank you for a memorable evening!

We also got to meet, and sat next to at this same speech, the former president of the NRA, Marian Hammer.

That's 3 famous people I have met this month!

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