Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Running the Gamut of Emotions

This has been an emotional week so far, filled with extreme highs and lows...

1st issue: Monday morning...ready to get my good seats at James Taylor concert for me and my aunt. Feeling confident and excited that I will get the good ones up front since I get to the box office online first thing. NOPE! The server is busy due to the high volume of traffic at that time and I have to try several times to get through my request for 2 tix and nothing is available in pairs and I have to get two seats in two different areas in the back of the arena. ARGH. And no one can do anthing about it. ALL the tix were completely bought by 10:10 AM and the office opened at 10 AM! Turns out there was a pre-sale earlier that I wasn't invited to and all the good seats got bought before the general public could even buy them. This made me mad, as no one even thought to think about those like me who need seats up front so we can actually see the performer and be able to read their lips! Like, why don't they reserve, say 10, seats for people like me, and if they don't sell by such and such a time, then release them to the general "normal" public.
So I was happy and confident-- then crashed to disappointed and angry-- then went to realizing how lucky I was to even GET tix. People who actually went to the place to get tix could not get them...about 100 people waited outside the place and were turned away. I'm thanking God for internet, at least for me in this situation it's deserving of thanks. A sold out concert I'll be going to...neat, yes, but I wish I had better seats.

2nd issue: Monday evening...First day of piano lessons for Ben, Aaron, and myself. We are all excited. Now, I already know how to play the piano. I'm self taught...I just need to learn the proper finger technique. Ben is so smart. He picks up the theory right away. The teacher is impressed and says he will do good, just make him practice every day. Ben is feeling very excited about the whole piano learning situation. Aaron was just having a diagnostic lesson to see if he is prepared for it. Teacher thinks he is. They feel so proud at the end of the lesson, as do I. Then it's my turn. I play a piece that I know for her and she is impressed that I have not had any lessons. She gave me a book that shows proper technique and has some simple songs to learn by. Teacher is getting me a different book a little more advanced. YEAH! I wanted piano lessons when I was younger but didn't get them. Now, at 29, I have them and I'm so excited. Thanks, Jason! I have to practice an hour a day. But I don't mind.

So here we have all in one day... Happiness, confidence, excitement, luck, thankfulness, madness, disappointment, anger, and proudness.

I went to bed Monday night feeling A OK...but with disappointment thoughts creeping up on me regarding JT.

By the way, James Taylor is my very, very, very, favorite performer. You can imagine that I would wanna be up front regardless of any deafness I have...

Tuesday (today).

I'm just tired and I don't wanna do anything or go anywhere. Too bad. I gotta get groceries and take Jason to pick up his car...then I gotta babysit for one of Ben's friends after school and then worry about dinner and breaking up sibling fights and nursing Jason with his achy back. Then I gotta be frustrated at helping Ben on the piano. Poor kid...he is trying to go too fast and doesn't wanna listen to me when I say ever so gently, "slow down babe, go at it one key at a time." Finally he does, then he feels so happy and confident again. Then I can relax about it and know he is enjoying himself. Aaron retained the lesson info from Monday and demonstrated that for me, and we were tingling with gladness.

My emotions do not usually go on this broad of a range in such a short amount of time.
I'm really tired now, and no wonder.

I'm gonna make me some ice cream with chocolate syrup on it.

Then snuggle with my husband in the bed and feel loved.


gailsirmans said...

There you go, ice cream and choc. syrup, that will definitly ease all pain away........... I didn't know ya'll were going to take piano lessons. Eric and I are taking them too. Guess we are "keeping it all in the family". I didn't know that you could already play the piano. I know my teacher said that if I had been around one growing up either at home or church I would prolly be playing anything by ear by now. I am struggling with getting the notes and keys together. But...he said it is all normal with someone lerning how to play.

Nikki said...

WOW - glad that you got some snuggle time and ice cream!! That can change any mood!! :)
I took piano as a kid and had a horrible experience...mabye I SHOULD have waited until I was much older!! I liked the piano part...it was my VERY WERID & disappearing instructors that were the problem!!

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