Monday, May 30, 2016

It's Been a While!

Thanks to Facebook, I haven't blogged in a long time! Everything important is recorded over there.
Anyways, if anyone reads this, here is an update, in summary.
My oldest Ben is now 16 and a half. Friday was the last day of school, and he ended the 10th grade.
He is a techie; a big time programmer/game developer, tennis player, 6 foot 1, 150 pound good looking boy. Not driving alone , but has a permit.
My second Aaron, is 2 weeks shy of 15, finished the 9th grade. Also a tennis player and is finally exactly my height 5'6" and about 145 pounds (not MY weight though [he is heavier]).
My youngest, my little sweet girl, Zemi, is 8 years old, just under 5 feet tall, and closed out her 3rd grade year. She is a beautiful, happy, social, gifted young lady.

Today is Memorial Day. The official start to summer. I really want to make this summer entertaining for all my kids, rather than defer to video game and TV watching. I don't know what I will do with them yet, but have been looking at our local city's tourist guide to get some ideas. The problem is that the weather here is so hot that being outdoors is not very enjoyable. We would need to participate in activities early in the morning to beat the heat. (Which is frowned upon by my teenagers, and even my 8 year old, who all just want to "sleep in") And of course I want them too because I so relish the quiet mornings. Then the afternoon would be spent indoors guessed it. We can utilize the use of the pool of course, but after a couple of hours there, we have had enough of that. Usually we live up to the term "Lazy Days of Summer". Certainly there is nothing wrong with that, but we all crave some form of entertainment, a change of pace, an avenue to a memory, every once in a while. Finding something new to do is very refreshing for the spirit.

I have set a goal for myself to read/finish some novels. The idea behind this being if I make an effort to read more, I will relax about housework and that idea alone, and hopefully an accomplished goal of read novels, is enough to allow ME to have had an enjoyable summer even if we do not manage to find (or be able to withstand the weather) other activities. Because, let's face it, the meaning of summer for moms is not the same meaning as summer for the school-age children. Us moms must make a point to relax about those things that create feelings of monotony; the dredge work of housekeeping, cooking, disciplining.

So here I leave this blog post to begin this Memorial Day, 2016.
I REALLY hope I can continue blogging now and record what memories we all make this summer, and what books I read.

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