Friday, August 06, 2010

Working It Out

"It" being jiggly wiggly thighs and upper arms. I carry more fat than I'd prefer. Some people think I am crazy. Well I need to be happy with myself! I have been going to a gym and trying to get things toned up. I don't see a difference but I do feel better about myself. I am also motivated to eat better. All in all a good thing. It's like when I turned 33 my body decided to add some curves where I didn't have them before and I don't like it. Nor do I like the number on the scale. I know... I must be crazy. I probably am. I want to be toned, as in well-defined-see-them-through-the-skin-muscles. I refuse to allow myself to get that belly pooch that every female in my family gets in their 30's. I don't think that's crazy.
If only my body would add some curves to the upper chest area, if you catch my drift.

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Jennifer said...

You're speaking my language perfectly :) I have a lot of people who think I'm insane for wanting to watch what I eat and exercise to stay thin. I've seen those unwanted curves too, and I want them gone :)

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