Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Season of Life Begins

A new season is upon me. I have a 4th grader, a 5th grader, and a preschooler! Instead of having Zemi home with me all day, every day, she will have a class to go to, friends to make, and I get 3 hours a day, 3 days a week to myself. Routines are changing for everyone. I thrive on change.

Our lunches are packed, our clothes are set out, our backpacks are ready, and the alarm is set. 7:15 comes so early, well, compared to waking up whenever during the summer. I am excited for my boys to go back to school. They need that structure, the routine, that "something to do that has a purpose". I am sure I will find fault with some assignments and projects along the way, but for the most is cool! I am not looking forward to the homework battles. I am thinking I will leave it up to them to do their homework, and they can suffer if they don't make the grades. Homework stresses me out. I am already breaking a cold sweat in fear of the science projects that will come around in March. This year there wil be 2 of them to complete! Ben had the one last spring that just about ruined my life. Science projects should NOT be mandatory.

Zemi has been so excited to go to school. She points it out whenever we drive by the school building. "Mom that's my school I go to when I am older!" I am anxious to see how tomorrow goes, her very first day.

So now I need to vent:

Seems like each day, there is some challenge that presents itself to me regarding the kids. Most of the time it is one particular child that gives me the most grief. And it is really the same issues all the time. Nothing seems to solve it. Just a very strong independent streak, and a sense of "I think I am older than I really am and I know it all" which leads to all kinds of problems, mainly regarding listening to Mom and following orders and obeying the rules. Over and over again this presents itself and nothing I've done resolves the issue. Other people think it's normal, but I just don't think so. This seems pretty extreme. Things would be easier if this child would do as I ask the first time. I don't ask much either. This same child thinks it does not need as much sleep as it does. 6 hours is not enough, 9 is great! Please stop lying there kicking around, getting up for water, and just go to sleep! It's for your own good.

My patience runs super short these days. And it is because of the same issues over and over and over again that I cannot seem to get resolved. Hard headed child.

And thus tonight at bedtime, we continue with the fighting sleep (which has been an issue since birth) and if I get bad attitudes and sloth-like moving in the morning, I will have proven my point yet again. Will someone learn a lesson? I hope so, but so far not yet. I hate complaining about my children, but I am going through a season with them now that is not favorable to my sanity.

Regardless of any complaining I do, I love my kids, of course. They keep me grounded, they give me purpose.

So let the new season begin. We all need some change some time. Adults and kids both have room to grow and change for the better with each day that we are given.

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