Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Night

Zemi had a great first day at school! No tears from her, just a little watery eyes from me, which I did not expect. I know she is ready for this stage of life. She is sooo smart! I expected her to cry when I went to leave her there, but she didn't. Maybe because she didn't, it caused me to tear up? I was prepared to be the strong one, but she turned out to take the situation so well. She has been talking about it for months now. When we first arrived at the school she was walking along like it was no big deal, then in the actual hallway she wanted to be picked up, and in her classroom, she had her head buried in my shoulder, and I was thinking she would start wailing any second, but after I showed her the baby dolls and other fun toys, and I told her I was going to put her down for just a minute, she got right down to the business of playing!

After the parent meeting, I went home and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned my floors! I had a chat with an old friend, I put things away that were on the kitchen table and Lysol'd the countertops. All without being interupted. It was nice, and those things needed to be done a month ago! ( I do Lysol my countertops often though)

One child gave me an attitude this morning, did not listen/pay attention, which proved me right yet again about how they do need more sleep than they think.

Why they fight it, I don't know!

The boys had a good first day at school too. They said it was kinda boring, just listening to the teachers talk about the same things as every year, class rules and whatever. Their favorite part? Recess. Typical.

They both brought me home a lot of forms to fill out for the school. The same forms I fill out every year. Why they don't just keep the copies each year is beyond me. The only thing that changes is the grade and teacher, and that can be written on there underneath the years before.

Save paper, save money, do you hear me government??

It's comical how the line for my address on those forms is literally _______ this long, but yet the line for my phone number is ________________________________________this long. Who designs these forms? I resorted to my sticky address labels on those forms to save myself some time filling them out. Each boy brought me home the same pamphlets and other odd info from the school, I only need one copy of it, so I will be returning the extra copy to the school. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle....

I have got 2 weeks to get all that is needed together for the boys and Zemi to be part of a wedding. There are shoes to buy, button down shirts and ties, and alterations to be made. Zemi is a flower girl, the boys are ushers/jr groomsmen, I am a bridesmaid, Jason is best man. That is all 5 of us in a wedding. Jason's brother's wedding. I've got my dress and shoes, I've got Zemi's dress, and I have the boys black suits, but not their shirts and ties. They need a pink tie, a light pink. I think it might be hard to find. I need to get on that.

Now that school is in, it'll be easier for me to go shop for these things.

Jason comes home from Costa Rica tomorrow night. He has been gone since August 14th. I wonder if he is ready to return to reality...I wasn't. I just wanted to come get my daughter and take her back to CR with me! I've missed my husband though.

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