Saturday, August 21, 2010

All Went Well

I am home from Costa Rica, the vacation of a lifetime. There is a TON I could talk about. Pictures tell the best story. The photos are on the laptop, which is with Jason who is still in Costa Rica until Tuesday. My only fear now is someone stealing the laptop and my camera.
I brought back some coffee, grown in Costa Rica....they are famous for their excellent coffee. And I could taste and smell why while I was there. I am brewing some now. I didn't have any yet today, as I needed to get a coffee bean grinder, which I did a little bit ago. I can't wait until it finishes brewing.

I wrote a lot in a journal I kept every day while in CR. I am almost sure I captured every thought and activity that took place. This is very important for me since my memory is so bad, and a trip of a lifetime like this must be remembered.

The boys are super tired from lack of sleep over the week, about 20 hours short on sleep. Therefore they are climbing the walls, picking on each other, having bad attitudes. Long story short--- drving me insane. The transition home has not been easy. At. All. Because of the children. I sent them to bed at 8 PM last night, I think they finally went to sleep at 10 PM and they slept until 10 AM this morning. I hope that makes a difference in attitude. I just want to chill on the couch, but having kids does not allow that. Maybe Monday, when all 3 are in school, I can rest for a bit.

Yes, my little one is going to pre-school! She will be 3 years old on the 30th. Her first day of school is Monday the 23rd. That is an entire post for another time.

Zemi's stay with her grandma went well, she is fine, save for a scratch on her forehead which she did with her fingernails. She had a great time with her grandma for the week. I missed her every time I saw a little girl in Costa Rica.

And it is so hot here at home!!! The second I got off the plane in Orlando, sweat would drip off of me. It is not hot at all in Costa Rica. It is paradise. The sun is warm, the air is cool. I never thought it was hot, or uncomfortable, save for the one time I got rained on, then I was just wet.
Let my post-vacation depression begin. I loved my time in CR. I told Jason to take me back there for my birthday.

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