Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Am Still Alive!!

Time for an update!
I don't even know where to begin, so I will just go:

June: Jason and I went to San Francisco, alone. I LOVED that city. IwanttomovetherebutIdon'tthinkitwillhappen.
My oldest son, Ben, went to his first fishing camp. I think he enjoyed that, but he would not eat any fish they caught because seeing the fish get cleaned and gutted grossed him out! That's my boy! I believe he enjoyed rowing a boat, and the boat race more than fishing.
My 2nd son, Aaron, turned 8. He helped me make a homemade cookie cake for his birthday, and his buddy Jack came over to play for the day. Aaron is so polite and so loving, and so thoughtful of others. and cute to boot!
Both of my sons stayed a week with their aunt in Jacksonville. This was the second year they have done that. They always have a grand time over there. There's a lot more to do in Jax than here at home.

July 9-16: a family trip to North Georgia; Lake Lanier-Dawsonville. 20 people in one house for one week. FUNFUN!!

August: we prepare for the boys to return to school, Ben to the 4th grade, Aaron to the 3rd.
Zemi turned 2! my baby!

My Mondays and Tuesdays are spent taking care of a friends little girl, Maddy, she is 1 year old, as well as my own Princess Zemi. The girls play great together, and for about an hour everyday, I am a mother to four children. Whew! :)

On the second day of school, Aaron moved up into the Gifted program at his school. Ben has been in Gifted since last year. Gifted is great! There's WAY less homework. :)
This school year marks the first year of emerging independence for the boys. Riding bikes to and from school BY THEMSELVES! Nerve-wracking for MOM. But they sure are happy about it. Thrilled is an understatement. I see every reason to not let them bike to and from school. It's hard to let go and trust sometimes.

Zemi is so smart, and gorgeous. She can say anything now. And can understand everything and follow directions. Currently her favorite words are ice pop, no, and Mickey Mouse ( or Gabba Gabba) I think she is addicted to ice pops. Zemi LOVES to color, give her some paper, and something that makes marks on the paper and she is happy for hours. I have been taking video of her talking and playing from time to time. I will miss these days. They grow so fast. Just last week, it was raining, but we needed to go to a store, and here comes Zemi with her new rainboots! Now that's smart! I did not even tell her to get them (or even remember she had rainboots for that matter, and I bought them for her!!) She FINALLY got her first haircut. But only the bangs. I got tired of seeing her bangs down on her lips, and her pushing them away all the time, so I had them cut across at her eyebrow level. Her hair is quite curly now and when pulled straight, it's halfway down her back. She looks like a big girl now.

My boys are playing football now, both on the same team. I am glad. I don't mind a football game. I even like basketball, which is coming up soon. It's baseball I can't stand. My boys are happy when they play sports. They are doing so well at school. I am blessed to have such great, intelligent kids.

September 11- Jason turned 39. Three Nine. Thirty-nine. 30. 9.

October 5-my oldest turned 10 years old! I have been Mom for 10 years now. I still don't know what I am doing. I feel so bad for my oldest who is the "guinea pig" for my parenting. What works and what doesn't? I think he is an awesome person though, and he is very understanding when I explain why I decided what I did or said what I said. And he is SO good with Zemi--loves to play with her and help me with her. He will drop anything to be with his sister. :)

On 10-18-09, Jason took the boys to their first ever professional football game. The Chicago Bears vs Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome. We are Bears fans, but the Bears lost that game. Too bad. They had a great time though with their Dad and also their uncle.

Both of my boys are taking piano lessons now. Ben is so great at it. He will play some music and I fall in love with him again. It's so beautiful. Aaron has just started lessons, so he can play simple melodies, but he will get to the good music soon. I am determined to have each of my children play an instrument.

So now we are here, 10-21-09:
I am getting an adjustment on my neck from a chiropractor because of some tightness I have had for a few weeks. This will be my second appt. My friend Amy is keeping Zemi for me while I go, and I giving her boys some old clothing Aaron can't wear anymore and also Aaron's former bike. I have been slowly cleaning out things around here. Trying to get rid of extra stuff, old clothing, junk, by room. There's always someone who wants what I don't.
Halloween is coming up soon, and I have to get a costume for Zemi for our friends chili cookout/hayride that we attend every year.

And what else? I am sure there is something I am forgetting. But I have facebook to remind me via status updates and saved emails also help me remember events.
You can view photos that correspond to the listed events above on my facebook profile. Just friend me if can find me!

That's all for now folks!

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