Thursday, August 06, 2009

I Am Here!!

I am not blogging as much...but fortunately, I have my status's on facebook to remind me of days past. Anyhow, here is an update on our life here at the House of B.

July was a busy month for us.

Here is a timeline:

July 4th weekend we went to Jacksonville to pick up the boys from their Aunt Haley's, where they had spent a week. The photos below of the beach are from Vilano Beach in St Augustine, which is not too far from Haley's house. The boys always have a great time during their week with their aunt. This is the 2nd year they have done this trip.

July 10th through July 16th we went to Dawsonville Georgia with the family from Illinois and south Florida for our every-other-year reunion. It was 19 people in one house on Lake Lanier. The boys played so hard in the lake and on the jetski and video games. On Tuesday of the vacation they actually crashed from exhaustion and watched TV all day. Zemi did great with sleeping and playing and shopping. Every night we had wonderful food. We all really enjoyed ourselves this week with the family. Pictures to be posted soon.

July 22 my Mema had open heart surgery. She now has a new aortic valve. Her surgery went well, but the recovery was longer than it should have been. There were several sleepless nights in the ICU, and my Granddaddy was there for the entire time, only going home one night when I drove over to relieve him so he could sleep, and again 2 nights later. I couldn't make it back over again ( Gainesville, 2 and a half hour drive) but after my 2nd night there she seemed to be doing better, therefore Granddaddy felt comfortable going home each night. She finally went home on August 3rd, their 45th wedding anniversary-after about 5 cardioversion treatments to get her heart back to rhythm. I think she is still on oxygen at home, but appears to be herself in all other ways. She gave us a big scare in the hospital, and I thought she wasn't going to survive after my first night on "patient watch"...thankfully, she pulled through. It was certainly a stressful situation for everyone. I hope to visit her at home this weekend ( which is an hour drive for me).

August 2 through today has Ben at his first ever church camp. 5 nights away from home. He was so excited to go, I was nervous for him to be gone. I hope he has had a great time, and I will hear all about it today when I pick him up.

So you can read that I have been busy!!

Zemi is about to turn 2....and she is behaving like a 2 year old. What happened to my sweet baby? LOL She's a little drama queen, and a little bit mean to her brother, and very much so has a mind of her own. I don't deal with attitude very well, oh God, help me through this stage.

School starts on the 24th. Ben will be in the 4th grade, Aaron in the 3rd, and I am looking into a 2 day a week preschool for Zemi, just for a few hours in the morning. She needs the social interaction and stimulation. My boys had a great time when I put them in pre-school, one day a week for each year of age. 2 years old, 2 days a week, 3 years old, 3 days a week. Works for us.

That's all I can think of now. Let me get the pictures up.

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