Monday, June 15, 2009

Long Over-Due Update

Ok I know it's been a while. I've been consumed with other things, but of course marking down memories is important. At least I have many updates on my facebook page to remind me of what's happened.
Just a quick update:
Jason had his back surgery on May 28th and he was up and good as new within a couple hours after the surgery-- he is pain free! Yay!! He's waited a long time for that. He has some more recovery and some strengthening exercises to do, but I hope soon he can join me in the many chores of home ownership and also be able to play sports with the boys.
He felt so good after surgery that just one week afterwards we took our trip to San Francisco. He walked for several miles up and down those very steep streets, and we both saw almost everything "touristy" in the city. I had made the itinerary beforehand, so we just followed that. After hours of walking, he had no pain afterwards. He went to his meetings the next day, and I spent the next two days in the city seeing the rest of the famous spots by myself....I love that city, especially the weather, and that is especially because it's HOT here, in the 90's and over there it's in the 60's. I had someone there ask me if I was cold, because I was wearing a short sleeve shirt. The other folks had on wool jackets and scarves. No, I wasn't cold. The weather is so refreshing, so mood lifting. I'm in a depression now because it's so hot here and I know there's better weather elsewhere. There's so much to do in SanFran, the layout of the city is easy to navigate, everything looks gorgeous-- from the homes, to the bay, to downtown, and everyone is so nice. Pictures to come soon.
Aaron turned 8! We had a little pizza party for him, and took him and a couple friends to the movies, and we baked a cookie cake together. He's just having a blast with his new toys and video games, and trips to grandmas for swimming
Of course school is out now, and I am trying to keep them busy, but Tallahassee is lacking for things to do.
Zemi is talking in sentences now...she'll say I love you and I don't know the most often. She has learned how to jump up in the air. She is also very fast when she moves, and very loud when she talks. And she doesn't eat much either. She's tall and thin. Like me I guess. but oh so much prettier.

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