Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Noteworthy Everyday Events

"cubble" says Zemi... She means Buckle. She can un-do the shoulder clasp on her car seat...and when she does she yells out "Cubble!!" and laughs about it. I've had to re-do it...but never laughing back. She can finally fasten it herself now.

She can hop like a frog. She is very cautious and doesn't like anything stuck to her hands or feet. She will pick at whatever it is stuck to her until she gets it off.
Zemi loves to yell out, VERY LOUDLY!! Just noises....when we are in a public place, like a grocery store. When I checked out with groceries today, the cashier asked me, "How is Miss American Idol doing today?"

She has a bad habit I am trying to break her of. She thinks she has boo-boo on her upper lip. The center part that is a little more puffy than the rest of her lip. She picks at it, pulls on it..so much it actually does have a boo-boo now. It's red and a little bloody. :(
I'm trying unsuccesfully to get her to stop it.

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