Monday, May 04, 2009

May Update

Zemi is now beginning to speak in sentences. We heard her say very clearly, while holding her baby doll, "my baby", on Saturday, May 2, 2009.
She can now navigate the stairs, up and down, although I have to be right beside her when she climbs. She is also taking one foot and placing it on top of the rails on her crib. I suppose this is the first step to her trying to climb out. Oh Gee.
She is also jumping. Not too high, but her feet lift off the ground for about a half a second, and she'll hop around, thinking it's fun.
Her newest favorite lullabys before going to sleep are: Mary had a little lamb, Baa baa black sheep, and Jesus Love Me. She will lay her head on my shoulder and listen. When I get to Jesus Loves Me, she will attempt the sign language for the chorus part. I think they must be teaching her that at church. It is so cute!
Aaron continues to amuse me with his little questions and ideas. Oh I wish I could remember them from one day to the next!
Ben is my independent one....very smart, and he also has things to say that amuse me...

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