Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All This in ONE Day

Well this was not my day.
To begin with, my nose is completely plugged up, and I feel snot draining in the back of my throat...and I can't breathe, which makes eating hard. and for a week I have had some upper chest tightness..I took some over the counter meds and it's better but something in the air is flaring up my allergies. I wish I knew what. I've been sneezing a lot too. I don't need to feel under the weather. I have too much other stuff going on!
Then my internet has been off and on and off and on and off and on. I NEED my internet for communication: emails and such. Comcast had to come out and try to figure out why it keeps shutting off, and so apparently we need to move the connections to get a better signal. Had to schedule a different day for that because the guy who came out apparently doesn't do that kind of work. *rolling eyes
I'm trying to work online as quick as I can before I lose my connection again.
Next: Zemi won't nap. I laid down in her room with her, which I've been doing lately, I nap and she does too, a win-win for both of us. But today she wouldn't go to sleep. I finally let her cry it out after an hour and I think she dozed off, until the cable guy started moving furniture and slamming doors, then that was the end of her nap. So the boys came home and because I was trying to coax Zemi back to sleep, they got to play a computer game and that means they didn't do their chores which makes my house not run properly. And so while I managed to get a little nap, my lawn service men came today and the leaf blower was so noisy it woke me up!
Then we had Aaron's baseball game, and since Jason had a meeting elsewhere, I took him to the game with the other two kids in tow, and since I had the baby with me, I couldn't watch much of the game because she is everywhere running and screaming and I have to chase her, but if I hold her she squirms and yells to get down, and if I put her in a stroller she yells and works her way loose and climbs out. So usually I stay in the monkey bar/slide area and miss the game entirely. I hate not being able to watch my son play ball!! Today it is SO windy! my hair is blowing straight up and into my face and I don't like that at all. and the wind is noisy, I can't hear anything, and no one can hear me too well over the wind. Then after the game they had an end of the season party and trophy handout. Ben ran off to one playground, with my permission, and so when it's time for me to leave with Aaron and Zemi and I mentioned I had to stop and grab Ben off the slides, but he thought I wanted HIM to get Ben so Aaron took off running in the opposite direction ( towards the OTHER playground), and he didn't hear me say "stop!" and I was holding Zemi, a baseball glove, and camera, a phone and my keys and couldn't catch him. So then Ben came running up to me fortunately, and I told him to go catch Aaron THAT way and meet me at the car. Then I get to the car and am buckling Zemi in her seat when I see them run by, so I watched them while I finished strapping her in, and I can see them on the sidewalk a little ways down so I drove up to them but when I got there, they were gone! I looked and looked for them. and because there were about 200 other people there having a pizza party, I couldn't see them, and (did I mention?) the wind is blowing so strong its noisy, no way would they hear me. So I keep looking and looking and feel myself about to have a heart attack so I called Jason and said they haven't come back yet ---HELP!! Just then they came running by and I yelled at them OH MY GOSH WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN I HAVE BEEN LOOKING AND WAITING FOR YOU!!! Well Mom I couldn't find you so I just went back around the park...NO, I said, YOU STAND STILL AND I WILL FIND YOU! Oh I was so angry I was shaking. I almost called the police. Boys should listen carefully and these situations would not happen. And pay more attention to your surroundings when I park! Then you know where I am! AHHHHHH!!!
On top of everything today, the wind is blowing like crazy...very loudly and I can't hear anything over it.
And then lastly, my poor husband has been in excruiating pain for the past few days...His legs are killing him, a side effect of his herniated disk. He has been this way for a few years, but this is the worst episode yet, he says it's a different pain altogether. He has been taking prescription meds for the pain which seem to lessen the pain but not a whole lot. He's trying to get in and see his orthopedic doctor, but they say there's no opening for 2 weeks. I don't believe that myself, and we are trying to see if we can't get in before we go to San Francisco. The appt they gave him is the same day we fly out there, so we have to change his appt anyway. Good news though: He now has insurance coverage. After not being able to get it for three years due to his cancer...finally, the time has come and he can get some back treatments. So I have been doing whatever I can for Jason to help him. Oh and when I went through the drive-thru at WalGreens, the cashier must not have known how to work the microphone because I couldn't hear her, and to top that off the boys were making a racket in the backseat and that certainly didn't help me to hear the lady any easier. And when I say SHHH, they pretend I said GET LOUDER, so I had to pop them on the legs to get my point across.
Do I even want to mention the hassle of getting the boys to take showers--quick showers-- but they don't understand the meaning of quick? And all the sibling bickering throughout the afternoon? What about how Zemi doesn't want to eat anything and throws food on the floor, or takes a bite, chews it up, then spits it out. Or how I mopped the floor because the garbage bag leaked, and the floor got all sticky so I had to mop again? Oh and Zemi climbing on tables over and over again, and just about swinging on the chandelier? And how she managed to get to a bottle of WD40 and bring it to me while I was making a sandwich and so I didn't know she had it or whether she tried to drink it or not, so I spent a few hours worrying about it? So I had to leave my sandwich on a plate and tend to her and when I came back to my sandwich there were gnats on it so I had to throw it away.
I could just throw something and break a window right now. That crash would be so satisfying.


mesa said...

what a day for you Joyce! I'm hoping tomorrow is EXCELLENT for you! :)

Eric said...

I am "so tired" from reading your blog that I need a nap. :) Note to self: Maybe one kid is enough? I know you love them and you will miss them, but goning to San. Fran will be good for you!

The Tegens said...

I am so sorry to hear about the day that you had! I hope the week got better for you!!! :o)

Seed Sower Deb said...

Dear Mrs. of the B House... I am glad to read (for me) that I am not the only who has days as you describe in your blog.

Though Jordan is just one child, he seems to be 3 to 5 children at once most times. LOL.

What I find amazing is that in all of your photos you are smiling beautifully as are your children.

I hope Jason's herniated disk is fixed on a FAST TRACK... my doctors kept me on the "conservative' track for a year and a half... after that time and much pain, they finally dicovered my disk was DAMAGED and it had to be removed surgically.

Blessings Mrs. B... Seedsower Deb

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