Friday, April 03, 2009

My Fretful Day

I learned this morning (well Thursday morning) that my Mema (grandma) is in the hospital with internal bleeding. This has led to a series of events leading to a diagnosis of pulmonary edema. Also could be congestive heart failure. She's in the ICU but is stable. My Mema raised me from a baby. A lot of my family is driving down to visit her, and so tomorrow I will drive over (2 hours) and visit her. I don't know her prognosis, but I am thinking positive.
Certainly my day has been full of concern, and that has been distracting me from other things, and I've been on emails all day getting information from my family third-hand, since I cannot make any calls myself. I feel really helpless and very worried. I feel like I need to be there to be their parent and be in control of it all, but of course I can't be. I know I will feel better just being there...seeing first-hand instead of waiting on emails and phone calls and texts.
I am also worried for my Granddaddy, her husband. He's alone with her and alone driving back and forth, and I just don't like it.
Please pray for my Mema and my Granddaddy. She is 75 and he is 81. So young still, and they are not supposed to have major things go wrong in their lives. They are my constant.

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