Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Baby at Play

Zemi loves to dance! She will run over to our keyboard because she knows it plays "demo" songs...and point...meaning she wants me to turn it on and play a song. Then she will dance. and dance. She will raise her hands up as if she is "raising the roof". It's so cute, I must video it.

Zemi also loves her baby dolls! She will sit in her little rocker and rock the baby she has placed on her shoulder, then she will touch play food and drink to the dolls mouth. She will bring me a blanket so I can swaddle the doll, she will place the doll in a basket ever so gently, and that is her putting the baby to bed. And she will kiss the doll and hug the doll, take her shopping in her little grocery cart, or go for a walk in the little stroller. I must video it.

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