Monday, October 06, 2008

Did You Know?

...Lowe's has baby gates? I did not until about a month ago when a friend of mine had gates on her stairs and I really liked the kind she had. I asked her where she found them and she said "Lowes". Who knew? I didn't!
Since I wanted her very exact one (EvenFlo)..I found out which one she had, then I price compared online and in stores. Everywhere I checked...Toys R Us, Walmart, online retailers, etc...were between $50 and $60. For each one. I need 2. Lowe's had it for $36. ($35.97).
They had a nice selection of the basic stair gates, and a gate "yard"...
So if you're looking for a baby gate....check Lowe's.


Anonymous said...

thanks. I need a couple for my stairs too.

Amy Parris said...

Good information. All the time I spent there over the last two years, I never noticed. I hope to need some soon.

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