Thursday, August 21, 2008

Talk About Unplanned Puchases

All of our computers (3) have finally decided it was time to go to computer heaven, or hell, or wherever old computer souls go when they give up. I am using an old laptop now, with only half a screen, which makes my blogging difficult, and emailing difficult. We really need a new computer. Which is going to be great, but an unplanned purchase. I am more worried about getting all my pictures. I don't wanna lose my pictures! I do have them on a website, and I can order prints, which I have, but I still like having them on my hard drive (is that the right term?)
Which computer will we get? If anyone has any tips, leave a comment.
Once I get back to normal around here with my computer...I'll post more. It'll take me some time to find all my favorite blogs again though!
The first computer to go was our desktop, we've had it for about 7 years's fine other than being so s l o not really useful for anything at all. Unless you are super patient. Which I am not. Computer number 2 was actually this one I am using now, with the half screen. It runs fine, but you can't see half of what you're looking at. That's not gonna do it for us.
Computer number 3 was Jason's former work laptop. It was getting old, so we were using it here at home, and he got a new one. Nothing wrong with it, except yesterday it decided to lose all it's capability to let me see what was on it's screen. It went wavy, and flashy, starting in the bottom left corner, then the programs wouldn't open, then I couldn't see anything at all.
This half screen is better than nothing. Which is why I brought it out of storage.
I am SO dependent on computers, email and internet...
I would go to the library to use the computer, but I only get 15 minutes tops there, and that does not cut it for me!

In short, school is back in as of Monday the 18th. YAY! Did you hear that ruck-us the other day? That was me throwing a back to school party for all the parents.
In other news, school is cancelled for tomorrow. Thanks Tropical Storm Fay. :(

LEAH: We cannot have an Apple/ Mac computer. My husband's software for his business will not run on it.
We purchased a new computer last night. I can't wait till we get it.
Thankfully, today I have been able to use computer number 1, the old desktop, slow as it is, surprisingly, I haven't had TOO much trouble with it...just a little bit. What's a 5 minute wait for your email to upload? LOL Better than nothing.


momarewethereyet said...

I'd like to suggest an Apple/Macintosh computer. They are much less prone to viruses and crashing.
My sister is employed by Apple, and if you'd like to buy one, she could get you a discount!
Just email me.
Another note: I bought an Apple iMac last year, and I will never go back to a pc. Bonus: you can buy software that allows you to run your pc software on a Mac.

Laurie said...

Hello! If you want to get your pictures. . . get an external hard drive and transfer all your files/pictures from your old computer to it. You should be able to access them with your new computer.

With four kids, we had many "unplanned" purchases. This won't be the first or last!


mamajil said...

It is hard to go w/out a computer!!
Our power has been out so much with the storm I was having withdraw symptoms lol

goog luck with your new purchase!!

momarewethereyet said...

I totally understand about not being able to use an apple for the hubby's work. some programs for my hubby's work wont run on our apple, but macintosh is working to make pc's and mac's run more fluidly.

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