Saturday, August 02, 2008

My Son, the Trooper.

I wanted to let the world know that my son is the best patient in the world!

He came through his procedure with no problems, and was very cooperative with all the nurses and the doctors.

Please do not ask me why he was in the hospital. I will only say that this was an outpatient procedure, meaning he went home the same day, and the issue is totally resolved and was a very minor, and common, procedure.

I was all worried about the medications needed to perform the procedure, but there were no problems at all.

My son! He's awesome! Thank God he had no problems whatsoever from this experience.


Jennifer said...

Awesome! It's always a relief when kids come through on the other side of these things. I know you're glad to have him home and have his procedure over with! :)
He looks so cute in that picture! :)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about, "Don't ask." Our little Levi had a procedure last year that is very common, but a bit difficult to explain.
Glad your beau did so well!

Eric said...

I am glad everything went great. God is a protector.

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