Saturday, July 19, 2008

Zemi's Cute Quirks

She will always throw everything out of her crib before she lies down to sleep.
I will go in her room after a while and return her blanket and her baby doll. She does not throw them out when she wakes up.

She points with her right index finger. "look!" "see!" she seems to say.

She will grab a piece of food she is eating, and try to feed it to us. She thinks its funny. And it is.

She's such a girl. She had some bits of paper stuck to her tiny feet.. so she sat down and picked them off, one by one. And set them on the floor. Very gently.

She will empty a drawer, or her toy box, or a kitchen cabinet. If I leave something open, she will find it and begin to grab the items one by one and toss them behind her. Until they are all gone. Then she will NOT return them, but rather choose one item from the floor to carry around for a while. She did this with one of my bras the other day when I left that drawer open for a minute. Ha!

She really does have a little attitude, although I am not sure how to describe it. It's not a bad attitude, its more like, "I'm cute and I know it."

She loves to give kisses. I can ask her for a kiss and she will give me one. She will kiss her daddy when he gets home from work. She will kiss her brothers and her baby doll.

She has recently started to put things inside of a shape toy in a container....a ball in a bowl, food in a dish.

If I say to her, "Zemi, come here"... "Come over here"... "Come with me." She will do exactly that. If I tell her "no" she will usually follow my advice. Unless I tell her to not climb the stairs. Then she will proceed to make me remove her from the steps.
Thank God for baby gates.

She is so amazing.


Eric said...

She is cute and it is scary if she already knows that! HA!
Growing up SO fast!!!

mamajil said...

she is adorable!!! I love it when they start giving kisses!!!
Hey, Ramsey rolled over today she was very proud of herself....soon she will be pulling things out of drawers and running around like Zemi!

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