Thursday, June 12, 2008

Answering and Telling

Why were we in Birmingham? Well, I suppose I could have mentioned that....these days whenever I post, I need it to be done quickly. Jason had a business thingy there and I tagged along. I did lots of shopping and hanging by the pool with Z. I met up with my cousin, his wife and my aunt for dinner at a fabulous local place called the Tavern at the Summit. YUM!! Thanks for buying cuz!

Now, before I forget.....Aaron, of course said the cutest thing today. (by the way, his birthday was yesterday....he's 7 now!)(pictures later)
So one of his gifts was this awesome game called's a tiny electronic game that asks you 20 questions about something you think of. ANYTHING you think of...Ben thought of a baby. One of his questions was "does it bring joy to people?" I said yes...Aaron said, "Well, not all of them, not the democrats."
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The computer ended up guessing exactly what Ben was thinking, a baby!
You must find this game for yourself. It is amazing!

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