Friday, May 30, 2008

A Little Update

Today Zemi is 9 months old. Wow! She can stand up alone. Walking is not too far behind.

The boys have finised up 1st and 2nd grade now. Summer has begun for them. What will we do?!

Here are some photos:

She likes to play with my makeup and brushes. That's my girl!

Memorial Day weekend at our friends fabulous house on the coast.

Haha...I set Zemi on the grass for just a minute and she did NOT like the feel of it. She had her leg in the air the whole time. If even her heel touched the grass, she lifted it back up. Only her right leg though.

Me and my man.

Here she is! Standing up. She gets up by herself and she will let go and just stand there, smiling. Big Girl!


Eric said...

Cute Pics...Are we still on for Friday evening?

gailsirmans said...

the pic of the 5 of you is good!

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