Saturday, May 03, 2008

Day of Firsts For Everyone!

Zemi LOVES to swing. Here she is in the park's swing for the first time.

This is Zemi in her first bathing suit, in the hot tub for the first time. (don't worry, the water was not that hot) This bathing suit is sized 18 months! That should tell you how tall she is. She is in fact, only 8 months!

Zemi has been holding her tongue a lot these days, (of course, when she is older, she probably won't do this, figuritively speaking) But it looks cute now. She also sticks her tongue out, as if she is thinking real hard about something. This was something new that happened this past week. Another first!

We went to a city park today and discovered there was a BMX race track there. Ben thought it was so cool. He wanted to try it out. He does not have the right bike for this, but oh well. he had a blast! It was the first time any of us had seen, never mind rode on, a BMX track.

Aaron's first time riding his bike in a park. He finally got to ride some where besides our cul de sac.


momarewethereyet said...

Cute photos!
We always get my 4 year old a two piece swimsuit, the ones that have the bikini bottoms with a modest top.
She is just so tall, even as a baby, that we couldn't put her in the right sized swimsuit.
I'm sure the baby will be the same way. We have tall kids--all in the 95% or above!

Eric said...

Great family time together! So, I hear you are coming to B'ham soon?

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