Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mystery Diagnosis

At my follow up with my doctor, he said it is a virus, not a bacteria. It has to run its course, which should be nearly through by now, since it's been a week already. He said it was classic virus rash signs. Which if it is so classic, why didn't the walk in clinic know and why didnt the 2 ER docs know? I have heard 3 different things now. The only thing being done for it is me taking an over the counter antihistimine to stop the crazy itching. 2 of them..Claritin, and Tagamet (which is a stomach pill which has a histimine blocker in it as well, off label use) I took them for the first time last night and it took a few hours to get any relief from them, but I guess it eased up some, but not completely.
I still have the rash in some places but it does appear to be fading now.

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