Tuesday, April 22, 2008

7 months old is a busy month

Zemi is bordering on 8 months old now. Already.
Yesterday was a big day for her. She climbed up one step!
I also taught her how to 'high five'. If you hold your hand up and say 'high five' or 'five', she will slap her hand onto yours. Over and over again. Smiling so big at her new trick.
She doesn't crawl, but she can get around. She will get up on her tiptoes with her hands on the floor, like a yoga position (downward facing dog, maybe) then she will twist her body where she wants to be, then sit herself down...to move again, she'll repeat...she ends up in different places each time. She can also stand for a second. Using my fingers to grab onto, she'll pull herself up, then let go for a second and stay standing. All the while smiling.

Everyone is finally well around here. Except me. I still have a cold.


Laurie said...

Aw, cute! Maybe she'll be a future Yoga instructor someday?!!

Eric said...

Time is going by so fast! Still a cutie...

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