Friday, March 28, 2008

Odd Red Person

My fever did not return on Friday. I woke up feeling hot and clammy, even with a light "sprinkling" of sweat on my person (and I never sweat). When I decided to get dressed around noon (luxury of a stay at home Mom) I noticed my body had these red splotches on it. Nothing raised, nothing you could feel, but you could see it. They didn't itch or anything, they were just there. As the day went on, I noticed my arms had these splotches, then a little later, my legs. Around 6:30, I had some itching here and there. Nothing too bad, just here and there, the back of my leg, then my hand, then my chin, etc...itching mildly. I think it may be an effect of my liver processing all the ibrupofen I took to control my fever, or maybe it's a reaction to the new detergent I am using. I really do not know. I feel completely normal, and aside from the redness, look that way too. Still, only if you look closely can you see the redness. If it is still here Monday, I will see my doctor. Or, if it gets worse before that, I will seek medical attention. What could it be?


Leah said...

TL, do you remember when your boys got a fever as babies, then when the fever was gone, a mysterious rash appeared? It is just an effect of the fever. It should go away without any problem, since the fever is gone and all.
Don't worry, the itching is common too. I'm sure it'll be gone in the next couple of days.
Glad the fever is gone.

Eric said...

It may be the detergent!
Before being married and I had a roommate I used one kind and he used another. Mine, even though he didn't use it would still have the residue in the washer and he started getting a rash all over. It took a couple of days before he figured out what was going on.

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