Thursday, March 06, 2008


Last Wednesday I began having stomach pains. Just one of those sharp, twisted up feelings in my gut. I couldn't eat, and I couldn't hardly hold the baby. I was nauseous too. All this lasted until Sunday night, when I finally threw up...BIG time! Then I felt better and that was the end of that.
Aaron has had a fever since Tuesday night, reaching as high as 101.9, with chills, headache and a sore throat he says. Motrin has kept him from feeling the pain and tamed the fever. He has been home from school for two days now. He's a sweetie, being home with me and us spending some time together. His fever finally broke this morning. I noticed it didn't come back after the Motrin wore off after the last dose I gave him at 5 AM Thursday (today).
Last night, Zemi started sounding congested, her breathing was heavy and I could hear the snot in her as she nursed. Her nose was running too. This is her first cold. This is the first time I have had to keep tissues nearby for her, so I could wipe her nose. She doesn't seem bothered by this cold, she has no fever. All is well, but I'm keeping my eye on her for any changes. Her body will fight it off.
Next patient please. Let's get this over with!


Eric said...

Hope all gets to feeling better! I know I fought it last week and just took my last pill the doctor prescribed this morning.

Sugar said...

Get well soon!

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