Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's, it's......?

So, Aaron got mad at me this afternoon over a situation with a playdate. Boy, was he fuming! Crocodile tears. Reddened face. Feet stomping on the floor. Big-time attitude. I put him in his room and told him to get over it.
A few minutes later I am at the kitchen table helping Ben with his Valentine cards for school. Aaron calls to me, so I look in his direction.
He has with him a stack of underwear from his drawer.
Then lo and behold, the wrath of an angry 6 year old! Whoosh!

He threw a pair of underwear at me!

Believe me when I say that it was incredibly hard to not laugh at this. But his blatant show of disrespect kept me in Mom mode.
It was back to his room.

Then a few minutes later he came back downstairs and stomping his feet with every step, made a circle path around our kitchen, dining room, and living room..and followed this trail several times...BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!

I ignored that one.

Kids, so cute when they're angry.

At least the underwear was clean.


Eric said...

This is what the wife and I get to look forward to??? Underwear thrown in our face! Believe me when I say that, "I can't wait" :)

Leah said...

That's so hysterical! If my boys did something like that, lets just say, they wouldn't be able to sit at the dinner table that night!
Anyway, my boys have decided it is super funny when I look at them with a serious face. I give them the, "I'm very serious about this" look, and the crack up laughing.
They say, "I can't help it! Your face is so funny!"

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