Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year News

This posting is more of a record for myself to remember these events. Its so much easier to type it out on a blog than write it down somewhere to get lost before I get it in the albums.

Zemi is now 4 months old! She is beautiful! The day after I posted about her rolling from her belly to her back, she rolled the opposite. Back to belly. Then it was Christmas, her first Christmas!!....and she slept right through everything, but I opened her gifts and she got some cute loot, like toys and clothes. During Christmas week I decided that it was time for her to move out of our bedroom and into her crib upstairs. This makes me sad, but it is time for her to put herself to sleep and stay asleep through the night. I knew that at the 4 month mark (Dec. 30) I was going to begin cereal, which hopefully would fill her up all night long. So, backing up, I spent every evening Christmas week rocking her in her own room, so she would associate that room and the darkness with sleep, and also NOT nursing her in that room, just rocking her, then I would take her back downstairs to her bassinet in my room. On Sunday night, the 30th, I put her down and waited to see what would happen. She was not asleep when I laid her down but she was drowsy and fighting sleep. She began to cry, but I resisted the urge to pick her up and nurse her. I knew she was not hungry, and she was not in need of a diaper change, so she just needed to go to sleep. It took 25 minutes but she finally fell asleep. She didn't cry too hard. I slept in the room with her in the twin bed she has in there. She woke up a couple times but not for very long. I didn't manage to feed her the cereal until the 31st, and she took it SO well. She slept through from 10 to 5 that first night on cereal before bed. Her second night in her crib she fussed for 20 minutes before she fell asleep. I slept in the room with her again, just to make me feel more secure about her being there, and because I missed her being in my room already. I have continued this week to sleep in the room with her. Her third night in her crib took less than 15 minutes to fall asleep, and this evening....she just went right to sleep, no fussing at all!

The boys made out very well too this Christmas; stocking up on Legos and other big boy toys. Aaron got a gaming chair with speakers in the back of the seat, and Ben's big gift was his very own digital camera. He spent about 3 days just taking pictures of everything. It was cute.
They are out of school for a couple weeks....I miss them going to school. But they have been behaving pretty well for me...if I can just stand the energy and the silliness....boys!

Jason got everything he asked for.

I got everything I wanted, and more, and wanted everything I got.

It is finally cooling off here. All last week was hot and humid, really quite nasty weather.
It is 30 degrees right now and the low is expected to be 18 degrees tonight. Whoo-hoo! I have had my fireplace burning all day! Ben asked me if it would rain tomorrow so the rain could fall as snow since it is going to be so cold. I'm glad I have no-where to go tomorrow. You see, I like the cold weather season, and I would rather be cold than hot, but I would also rather not be cold and just be comfortable. I love bundling up in blankets and sipping hot cocoa, don't you? Watching a movie or reading with the kids.

Anyhow, that is about all I can say for now. I will post pictures later.
Happy '08!

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