Thursday, October 11, 2007

A, B, or C?

I had myself professionally fitted for some nursing bras...I must say I was disappointed at the size I turned out to be. I was hoping that I became a whole size bigger than what I actually measured. Bummer. At least I am 2 sizes bigger than I was before getting pregnant.
But hey, the new brassiere's are so comfortable and fit perfectly. I highly recommend ALL women, nursing or not, to get professionally fitted for proper support and comfort.


rachel esther said...

Amen to that! For ages i was wearing bras in the sizes i'd prefer to be then got measured and am in ones that fit properly. Comfort, support and shape to perfection (or as close as one can get!).

Jennifer said...

I've never been fitted, but then again...never had much that needed holding up! ;)

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