Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2nd Week Highlights

I have noticed over the past two days that Zemi is really tuned into me. She lights up at my voice, my touch, and when she's fussy all I have to do is pick her up and instantly she stops. She loves it when I rock her to sleep, and she can sleep while I hold her, even if it's for hours on long as she's got Mommy, she's happy. Not that she's a discontent baby, she is very content, but ya know...she's really tuned into me now. It's so sweet. Makes me cry with happiness. I feel needed.

I took her for her first stroller ride on Monday afternoon ( Sept. 17). For 25 minutes I walked around the block and Zemi just looked up and around at everything outside. She loved the fresh air, and did not cry out even one time...she did not fall asleep either, just took in everything...she's been an easy baby.

One thing I forgot to mention about week one: Zemi got a little bit anxious for her lunch one day, but it wasn't time to feed her just yet, so while she was waiting, I played the piano for her, a song that I played many ,many times while she was in my womb. Instantly she was content and just listening....I just KNOW she recognized the song from hearing it while I was pregnant with her. It touched my heart. Beethoven is good for the soul, both for moms and babies.

Did you notice the matching pajamas we have on in the photo above?

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Leah said...

Glad you are enjoying your little angel! I just found out on Thursday that I'm having a second girl! Yay! My little girl is so excited to have another little girl coming.

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