Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm Still Here

Yes, I know I haven't posted anything in a while...
No, I have not had the baby yet.
But it will be anyday now. I have had some mild contractions and a general feeling of uneasiness. Things are happening! The tops of my thighs (in the front) are sore, from the weight of the baby's head, which I can feel, and it shows when I walk that the head is down there. I'm like a penguin now. And I know because I can eat more food at one sitting, that the baby has dropped into my lower pelvis, ready to be born. I almost swore my water broke last night about 2 AM, when I kept getting gushes of water between my legs....trouble was I had just taken a bath, so I couldn't tell if it was bath water or what...I DO know it kept coming and coming, and there's no way I had THAT much bath water in there. LOL
I had three contractions after the first gush, so I was ready to go to the hospital and see what was going on. Jason had me sit with him on the bed, and I fell asleep soon after, and no more water came out, so maybe it WAS bath water. But, GOSH, that was a LOT of bath water! I have an appt. tomorrow morning, so the doctor will check me then and HOPEFULLY something has been kicked into gear and he will tell me I can be induced, per his statement to me 2 weeks ago. We are aiming for an August birthday, and also for a date when our family is in town. Right now, Baby's grandparents have 2 out of town trips planned between now and my actual due date, and we all want them to be here for the big day.
Last night was one of the most intense itching episodes for me. I was literally jumping into the air with each itch, and it was constantly happenening from the moment I laid down to go to sleep... My skin feels like bugs are biting me all the time, bugs with sharp teeth. It is so intense that I was getting a headache from it and that headache was making me dizzy. Sitting in a warm bath helps with the itching, so that's why I took a bath.

I have spent this week wrapping up final preparations for Baby. Monday I bought a car seat. Monday night, Jason and I shopped online for a stroller, and ordered one we both loved (it was on sale, and had no tax and no shipping, great deal!). Tuesday I ordered a changing pad for Baby's dresser top and also the little sheets that go on the pad. (who wants to lie on plastic?) Today, hopefully, the wallpaper for Baby's little bathroom will be hung, which came in yesterday, and that should complete the nursery aside from hanging a new light fixture in the dormer window, which I have YET to find one I like and that matches the new ceiling fan we already hung in there.
I need to find some nursing tops for when baby is here and is hungry. They make really cute nursing tops, and I'd like to have at least a few, esp. pajama type or lounge type wear for around the house. Access to the milk is important, and I hate stretching my clothes out of shape, so I will be looking around today for nursing wear. I found a tank top yesterday from a boutique we have here, made by Majamas, and also I found a pink nursing night gown. It's so darling. But I need more than one top and nightgown!
And I also want a sling to carry Baby around. I already have a carrier, but I want a sling too. Jason can use the carrier. I can use the sling, if I get one. Target has a cute one online made by Hotslings.

The boys went back to school this past Monday. YAY! 12 weeks with the kids ALL day inside the house ( because it's TOO freakin' hot outside) is enough to drive any mom crazy. I resorted to a chart and point system for them to keep them accountable for their daily chores and proof that they have earned video game/ TV time. Accountability and concrete proof of behavior.. it really worked too.
The both have really great teachers, again. Our school is fabulous. The best teachers around here teach at the boys' school. Ben is now in 2nd grade and Aaron in the 1st. Ben now sits at a opposed to a round table with 3 others. Big boys they are now. My babies.


Eric said...

Tick! Tock! Do you feel like a time bomb waiting to explode?

Nikki said...

I am going to have to say that that bath water was a big tease!! I am so looking forward to this baby coming as well :)!!!
I promise as soon as it is possible, I will have some updated pics.
But in the meantime I LOVE hearing about what your kids have been saying...they are awesome!

Amy Parris said...

I'll be praying for you tomorrow. I hope all goes well!

Jennifer said...

It won't be too much longer, one way or another!! I'm so excited for you!! Can't wait to hear what the doctor has to say! : )

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