Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lesson Number 2

Do not ever say to a pregnant lady, "Oh I thought you were due tomorrow." Or, "You look ready to go any day now."
I heard this 2 times today while at the kids dentist office. Both within a half hour of each other.
Here is how the conversations went down...

Lady 1: awww, look at you. When are you due?
Me: well, I'm 31 weeks, so about 8 and half to 9 weeks left. Early Sept.
Lady 1: Really? I thought you were going to say tomorrow.
Me: no. But I am ready to go anytime though.
Lady 1: Well, you look SO cute.

And a few minutes later:

Lady 2: (pointing at my belly) I can't believe it's September! You look ready tomorrow!
Me: (looking away from her) thanks.

Have these ladies not given birth before? Don't they remember what it's like to feel big, but not wanting to hear that from others?

Seriously it must be my tops I'm wearing. I do not look that big when I show my naked belly.
But, I really don't feel like I am that big. I look in the mirror and see a normal size, if not a little on the small side, belly.

Oh and more rude remarks:

Man 1: How many babies you got in there? Are you sure there's only one?
Man 2: You're getting fat.

I swear I need a t-shirt that tells people to shut-up. In a nice way though.

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