Monday, July 09, 2007

Late Pregnancy and Nesting

The nesting instinct is very strong these days. For the past week I have been taking entire rooms apart, re-arranging them, getting rid of stuff, filing stuff away, organizing everything else. I have even cleaned the kitchen cabinet doors and the covers over the bathroom light bulbs.

I have spent a good deal of time online at The Container Store. What a neat place! I am still not through with what I plan to do. My condition is keeping me from working for long stretches at a time, but I have made a big dent in the overall chaos that the rooms were once in. Yes, I have even put labels on the bookcases showing which type of books should be placed in that area...i.e. Dr. Suess, Chapter Books, reference books....etc...I have gone through all of our DVD's and VHS's and thrown out whatever we had 2 of somehow, then organized the ones I'm keeping neatly on a shelf. We have about 140 total KID movies alone.

I'm now at 31 weeks. Baby is high, which means I lose my breath very easily and quickly. Sometimes just by brushing my hair, I find I need to rest for a little while and catch my breath. I remember this happening when I carried Aaron. It's SO annoying.

I have someone coming over to help me put the "extra" (meaning we can't get rid of it) toys in my attic, and I will be calling Goodwill so they will bring a truck out here and haul off the bigger items I no longer care to have.

I need to go buy the paint for the baby's room and I am also going to re-paint the boy's bedroom and my bedroom ceiling. I want to have everything done before we leave for our family reunion vacation in 3 weeks. Anybody want to come and help?

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gailsirmans said...

you can always come and nest at my house......LOL, I did absolutely NO CLEANING while I was off from work. I have never heard of a container store, I could prolly spend a lot of money in a store like that. Do they have a website?

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