Thursday, July 12, 2007

Limes, Milk, and Belly Bumps

I am into limes these past couple of weeks. I eat about one a day. I squeeze the juice on just about everything. Even those tacos yesterday.
I am also wanting to eat cereal a lot too. And drinking lots of milk. I reckon my body knows what it needs. The pining for these foods is very strong. I wake up twice during the night to eat cereal.

My check-up went well this morning. I had one little issue that I need to follow up on but the doctor said he doesn't think it is anything. Jason asked if I could just skip the follow up testing, but I told him I didn't think so. My next check-up is in 2 weeks. Doctor wants to see me before my week long vacation to Kentucky. While in Kentucky, I will be at 34 weeks.

While I am sitting here typing, my belly is moving, the effect caused by the baby moving around. It's so cute. I LOVE it. Just a few minutes ago, I watched this little bump out which was a foot make a half circle movement. Like the baby was making a rainbow inside its little room with its foot. Baby is very active right now. Must have loved my dinner.
Or all those limes I have had today.

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