Sunday, July 01, 2007

Back Home, Again

I'm back from Alabama. The wedding was very nice, short and sweet. The drive was not too bad. It's always better when my husband comes along, and he treated me to breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. One of my favorite restaurants. I will post pictures of the bride and groom when I get permission to.

Here is my husband and I at the reception. I am now 30 weeks along. I can see the end. I think I look fat and huge and bad, but I reckon I'm supposed to feel that way.
June was a very busy month for us around here. I took three trips out of town. Jason is going on a trip for a couple days in July, and we all have another family trip the last week of July. By the time we get back from that, I'll be ready to deliver this baby any day.

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Jennifer said...

You look bee-youtiful, Punky! ;) You make awesome pictures!
You don't look a bit huge or fat. Just pregnant! :)

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