Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Oklahoma, here I am come. Some of you may recall I mentioned winning a trip to Oklahoma City last year. Well, I did! I'm leaving at noon tomorrow for 5 days. Going to meet some new people, make some friends, get a tan at the pool, shop, and eat fancy, and maybe visit some workshops at the convention I am going to be attending, which is the purpose of the trip. I will take photos. Of course.

In other news, I visited the OB this morning; had a quick check-up. My baby has now turned head down! Whew! I hope it stays that way. It has been breech and sideways for the entire time. Everything is looking just perfect.
I'm still dealing with creepy-crawlies and involuntary twitching when I am tyring to sleep. It's torturing me. I can't get enough sleep due to waking up all the time. My OB told me to try some Unisom and Benadryl. If that doesn't work, he can prescribe some medication to help me stay asleep.

Unless I can post from Oklahoma, I will be back on Sunday night or Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Joyce

It was great to see you in OKC! Hope you made your flight - we were thinking about you

Kim - glad you got to meet my kids the last night there too!

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