Friday, June 29, 2007

This Week's Events

Tomorrow morning about 7 AM I will be leaving to drive to Alabama for wedding number 2 this month. Jason will come with me this time. YAY! This will be a short trip, unlike last time, with only a one night stay at cousin Eric's home. We are leaving the kids behind with a good friend.
I hate Alabama, but I love my family.

What else is new?
I have been cleaning a LOT this week. I scrubbed down my bathroom, going through all the cabinets and drawers, throwing stuff out. I rearranged some furniture throughout the house. I scrubbed down the kitchen. I already mentioned in a previous post that I worked some in what will be the nursery. (that night I couldn't sleep)
If this is the nesting instinct, it isn't too bad. I honestly like organizing and purging stuff. Rule of thumb: if you haven't used it in 6 months, or if you don't even remember that you do have it, and then you come across it, throw it out. Also, throw out anything with an expiration date that has passed. You can be free from a lot of stuff just by doing these three things. Anybody want me to come and clean their home?

I want to write about my ordeal with the hotel I stayed at in Oklahoma. It's a longer story than I will post here, but basically they screwed up my final bill. I had three bogus charges for bottled water. 4 dollar waters! That's a 12 dollar over-charge on my bill. We have been trying to get them to reverse the charges and fax me a new bill but for whatever reason, they are not being too cooperative about it. They finally sent the fax, but it was still messed up. I won't go into much more about it, since we are still waiting on the final corrected settlement. But to all of you out there, check your hotel bill because apparently it is standard industry practice to charge for the mini-bar and see how many times they can get away with it unjustly. The lady on the phone at the hotel said that even if you so much as jiggle the handle on the little refrigerator looking box that is the mini-bar, it will record a charge. Stupid sensors. That particular practice must change. I have no idea where the hotel got the idea that I had 3 bottled waters, because it is completely false. I have spoken with others staying at the hotel at the same time, and the same thing happened to them. And Jason tells me of a few times he has stayed at hotels where he got a bogus mini-bar charge as well. Greed. That's all it is. G R E E D

Anyhow, Jason's back has been feeling much better. Not perfect, but better than before. He didn't get the surgery he mentioned to me last week, but maybe if it happens again as bad as this episode, he will. The cost of the surgery is another eye-rolling ordeal. Unbelievable what health care costs. Pulling prices out of their butts is what I think doctors do.

Now as far as being Sleepless in Tallahassee:
I have managed to get a full nights sleep for the past two nights in a row! YAY! Feels good. Of course, the way this pregnancy is going, it will probably return. But here's hoping it doesn't...
I need my sleep now to prepare for the sleepless nights once Baby arrives.
(We seriously need to decide on a name)

On the subject of Baby:
I do not like it when someone tells me that I look ready to deliver any day now. Just shut-up. That is not a nice nor an appropriate statement to make to a pregnant lady. And excuse me, but I am not as big as some people who are not this far along. Shut up rude people. Just hush.

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