Wednesday, June 27, 2007

5 in the morning..... what time I finally got to sleep last night, or this morning rather. I was up all night itching. I tried to sleep starting at 11 or so, but was so miserable with itchy skin that I couldn't. Knowing that if I occupy my time by doing something, rather than relaxing, I won't have these symptoms. So I worked on cleaning the baby's room out so I can start to paint it and set up the crib, etc.... This distracted me enough to stop the itching. Then I was hungry... so I ate some cereal. And watched TV. Fell asleep watching TV and whadda ya know? There's goes my twitching. I woke up from it. I was only asleep for about a half hour. Hungry again. Ate again. This time some leftover spaghetti. Then I took a long shower. That felt great, until I got out and the water drops made me itch and the towel touching me was bordering on the painful. Even my nightgown was driving me insane once I put that back on. So I got on the computer for a little while. I keep nodding off to sleep, but those doggone twitches jerk me awake again! So now it's like 4 AM, and I am nodding off more and more, so I crawl into bed and just hope my sleepiness is enough to overcome the itchies. Not a chance! Not only am I still itchy, but now I am sweating buckets. ARGH! Then I remember that the twin bed in the baby's room has an AC vent right over it. So I went back upstairs, and turned the AC down so it would come on, and that coupled with the ceiling fan made the room COLD, but I just laid on the bed, no covers and let the cool breezes flow over me, and I didn't itch, and I didn't twitch, and I surely wasn't sweating. I finally got to sleep around 5 AM. I slept until 8:25. Jason didn't even wake me. He knows I am having this problem every night. Every night. For a month or so now. Some nights are worse than others. This was my second "all-nighter." I can usually be asleep by 2 AM. Please make it stop!


Jennifer said...

I hope you slept better last night?? You poor thing! :)

Nikki said...

Wow, can't wait until baby gets here...never thought I would assume you get MORE sleep?? Hope things start to settle down.

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