Sunday, May 20, 2007

It Ain't Easy Being Knocked Up.

I sure do run the gamut of pregnancy related symptoms....

I still have nosebleeds every day, always in the mornings upon awakening, but sometimes in the afternoons too.
I am still fighting nausea in the mornings, but thankfully that goes away a little while after I eat.
I get extremely exhausted about 1:30 in the afternoon. I swear I could sleep from that point until the next morning. That is impossible though. I eek out the energy to cook dinner and do laundry, etc...and as much as I want to thoroughly clean this house, aka nesting....I just cannot manage to do it. Don't even mention coffee...the smell of it still makes me throw up.
I have a bad bitter taste in my mouth quite often. yuck! The only way to get rid of it is to eat something, drink something, or chew cinnamon gum. Of course, as soon as the food or drink is gone, the taste is right back, and when I spit out the gum, that taste is there. I have been through around 20 packs of cinnamon gum, or more, since February. The big packs. It's either cinnamon gum or Lemonheads candy. And I have a big box of Lemonheads that is nearing empty.
My back has been hurting. But not my lower back as I would expect. My middle back on the left side.
I am spilling food on myself quite often. For some reason, I drop bits of food on my clothing everyday. Weird.
Every night for a week, ending this past Monday, I had what some people call the heebie-jeebies, others call the creepy-crawlies. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, let me explain. Involuntary twitching followed by intense itching everywhere on my body while I am trying to sleep, or just relax on the couch for a little while. I kid you not. My arm would fly up and hit Jason, then I would have to scratch it, or my legs would jump, then they would itch. I literally would be up several times a night dealing with it, and never got to sleep on Saturday night, the 12th/13th of May. The last two nights of suffering with this, when my lack of sleep was driving me crazy, I took anti-histamines (doctor approved) to calm my nerves and put me to sleep. I suppose this symptom could be called "restless leg syndrome" but it affected my entire body. It is VERY annoying, not only for me, but for my husband as well, who would wake up when my body would twitch. And they weren't little twitches either....I would involuntarily jump UP on the bed, and hit him during these fits. Crazy nerves....
I have tiny little bumps on my legs and chest that don't heal, and itch like crazy at times. My OB calls them "spider angiomas" or something like that. He said that happens due to all the extra estrogen coursing through my system now.
Finally, one of the worst, most horrible conditions to deal with and suffer through. Leg cramps!
Oh. My. Gosh. The leg cramps have started. Some people call them Charley Horses...My first one this pregnancy happened on May 2nd, upon awakening that day, my right leg was as stiff and unbendable as a 12 foot thick slab of steel. Just completely frozen! I woke up screaming in pain, with my leg up in the air (my hip socket wasn't frozen) I was grabbing onto my upper thigh just screaming and screaming..Fortunately, Jason knew from experience what was going on, and he rushed over to move my foot back and forth to loosen the muscles, and finally massaged my calf until the pain eased....then I had a sore leg for about 2 days after that. Then, on May 18th, I had cramps in both of my legs AT THE SAME TIME, before I was even asleep that night. Somehow, I threw myself on the floor, screaming and this time, crying, while Jason tried to help me, but these cramps were here to stay for about 10 minutes. And I had sore legs for about 2 days after. This morning, I woke up and started to stretch my legs, felt a cramp coming I stopped, and the cramping sensation passed, but my leg is sore. I remember having the leg cramps through my other pregnancies, and was totally dreading them again. But here they are. (Dear God, PLEASE don't let them happen again)

On the positive side:

My boobs are bigger! Nice!


gailsirmans said...

oh how I remember leg cramps! Ewwwww.........ouch!!!!!!! they definitely are NO fun. I still get them from time to time.

Jennifer said...

I loved the bigger boobs! Whoohoo! But the rest of the preg. symptoms...blech!! I only had the leg cramps sporadically, thankfully...they made me crazy!!
I can't believe I'm going to get to meet you in ONE you know yet when your plane is coming in? I am picking up Laurie at Will Rogers Airport Thursday morning, so I will be there sometime Wednesday night :)!

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