Monday, May 14, 2007

Isn't technology great?!

Here is my baby, 23 weeks gestation. Can you see what I see? The face?!!
The eyes are open, and the mouth is slightly open as well. During the actual sonogram, the baby's mouth was opening and closing as if it was drinking in the fluids, which babies are known to do in utero. The bright white line on the body is the spine. Baby has it's head turned sideways, as if looking to it's left. Baby had hiccups too, which we could see happening. Baby is breech right now. Feet are down, which I know without having had to see that, because I am always getting kicked on my bladder. That feels like needing to go pee.
I have only gained 16 pounds. Tomorrow I will try and get a new belly picture. Jason thinks this picture looks a little creepy, and maybe it does, but I LOVE seeing the face....

On June 12th, I am going to have one of those super-fab 4D ultrasounds. THAT will be even more awesome!

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Rachel Esther said...

that's one of the coolest pictures i've ever seen! wow! not being a mum myself (yet!) I can't even imagine how it must feel. thank you for sharing!

Bless, Rachel

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