Friday, April 27, 2007

Postcards from The Hilton

I was browsing thru the gift shop and looking at the postcards they have of various views of the city. When what did I see on one of the cards but the very place I was this morning, the Kodak theater, with the Hollywood sign in the background! Obviously, I missed it when I walked right by it right after I ate lunch right beside it! "it" being the bridge from which the view is available. argh! You have to be ON the bridge which connects one half of the theater to the other, and the center being outdoors...and I wasn't there. I was on the ground floor, and though I looked in the direction of the sign, not knowing it was there, obviously, I could not see it from the ground. But why didn't I walk across that bridge? Just cause there were no shops on the other side I wanted to visit! Well, now I must try and get back to that spot tomorrow while I am out with Jason. argh!!! I'm mad at myself now.

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