Monday, April 30, 2007

Guess who??

The Honorable Charlie Crist, Governor of Florida.
and me.

UPDATE: 5-2-07
To answer the questions in my comment about this photo...

I went with Jason to the Lincoln Day reception here in Tallahassee. Governor Crist was the guest speaker. Not only did I take my photo with him, before this, I was standing on the sidewalk outside the building where the reception was held, when who gets out of the car? The Governor himself! Whose hand did he shake upon stepping onto the sidewalk? MINE! Totally took me by surprise..He said, "Hi. How are ya doing?"
Having a husband involved in local politics lends itself to meeting some dignitaries now and then..
So no Eric, it's NOT a wax model!
I didn't even go in the wax museum in Hollywood.


Nikki said...

And what was the nature of this special event?? Very nice picture!

Jennifer said...

How'd you meet him? Great pic! :)
You mean Jeb Bush isn't governor anymore? I'm SO behind.... ;)

Eric said...

I this a wax model???

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