Friday, December 08, 2006

A Mean Theater

I chaperoned a field trip for my older son this morning. His class, along with a few other first grade classes, went to see a play put on by our local Young Actor's Theater, titled. "The Grinch" in which there was a special troop of actors putting on an interactive program designed for the "younger set." We ALL know the story of how the Grinch stole Christmas. And there was a little old lady reading from this exact book on the stage. However, after the Grinch came and stole all the Christmas decorations, the Who-ville people came out and decorated in Hannakuh style, then the Grinch came out and stole those, then this was repeated again for Kwanzaa, and also for "Happy New Year's!" And because it was interactive the kids were yelling out "Merry Christmas!" or whichever holiday greeting was appropriate for the scene in which the play was in the midst of at the time. I am totally fine with saying these greetings at their appropriate times, but as a part of a classic Christmas-time story.............?
Excuse me??
Now, don't get me wrong, I am totally for tolerance and accepting others beliefs, but I am NOT tolerant of my child fed "entertainment" that is from an altered, well-loved, classic story that they all know and expect to see. All because the theater wants to be "politically correct". There is no need at all to be politically correct for 7 year olds. None at all...Give them the story that they know and love. Let the kid's keep their innocence a little bit longer, please!!...
As these kids get older there will be occasions in which to learn others beliefs and traditions. Why did this acting company take this book, which in it's original form is sacred to all it's fans through the generations, and attempt to present that occasion now, for them.... at 7 years old? Children at this age are safe and sound with THEIR home life and routines and traditions. Let them feel that way for a little longer, ya know? Let's not shake up our children with this "new" stuff.

"Mom what does that mean?"

Can we please let our kids hold off on asking such deep questions about traditions until the kids are old enough to understand????

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