Friday, December 22, 2006

4 thoughts-- a penny each

A few thoughts of the day:

1: Last I checked it was winter season, but our tempertures are in the 70's, it's very humid and it's pouring down rain. It might as well be April, except we have our Christmas trees up. Hate the weather! As Jason said this morning: "Oh the weather outside is frightful, but inside is so delightful. Liquid snow! Liquid snow! Liquid snow!"

2: Going to a store to make a return, I notice that our roads are busier than ever. Where did all these people come from???!!!!! And inside the stores are packed with folks...I would say plan better people..Plan ahead! But there I was too, although I was returning rather than purchasing.

3: Dear Target corporation, Can it at least be mid-January before you bring out the Valentines Day stuff!!!! GOSH!!!!!!
Like I'm sure I have mentioned before, our traditional "hoildays" seem to be more about money money money than whatever the original reason for the celebrating was.

4: I managed to do ALL of my Christmas shopping without ever stepping foot inside of a mall. YEP! Love internet shopping, Target and Marshall's, Toy's R Us and local FSU apparel stores. No malls for me!


Jennifer said...

It's been about that warm here lately, at least during the day. Right now I'm in bed with a tank top and the ceiling fan on...this weather is unreal!
I've been to the mall a couple times, but I enjoy it this time of the year...I like it best the first of December or so before the crowds get wild, but while the Christmas smells and sights are there to enjoy!!
Merry Christmas, Joyce!!!!!

shannis said...

I agree the most with number 3. Why does it seem that the holiday seasons keep getting earlier and earlier...

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