Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yea, we took another trip...

this time without the kids, to Amelia Island Florida, a 3 hour drive from here.
The place we stayed was Amelia Island Plantation, a HUGE property , our hotel being on the beach and our room had a beach view and one of the golf course holes was directly below our room. This property was nice, but there was nothing to do....just the beach! I took a walk on the beach...the days were overcast and windy, which is fine with me...I enjoyed my walk along the coastline..The city on this island is called Fernandina Beach, which is just a small beach town...it does have a historic downtown area with shopping, but shopping means little trendy boutiques that are overpriced. I am not joking when I tell you I saw a 120 dollar sweatshirt and a 48 dollar money clip! There was no mall, no museum, nothing... it's just a lazy beach town. I was unimpressed. Several people told me how beautiful it is there, but all it is is a regular beach scene...nothing spectacular at all.
I certainly enjoyed the change of routine from home... relaxing and not having to worry about dinner or looking after the kids, just taking it easy...eating fresh seafood and having cocktails... but this trip has re-affirmed what I knew all along.. I'm a big city kind of girl! I need the busy-ness of the city....with museums, and subways, and nightlife, and all that jazz...
Even in the mountains there was hiking and something to see!
Blogger is giving me heck again trying to post photos.. I will try again soon.
Yes, photos... I got artsy...there wasnt much to take photos of, so I got creative.
Maybe tonight I can get them posted.


Laurie said...

You take great pictures! Will you frame them? Thanks for sharing and have a relaxing time!

Nikki said...

It is tough to enjoy Amelia Island and Fernandina beach and not like the beach! I am impressed that you tried.
I enjoyed the pictures too :)

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