Monday, October 23, 2006


My favorite, best-est cat went missing today.. he wasn't waiting by the back door this morning like he always does so he can come in and eat. And he never, ever does this. He's the most reliable cat ever, always comes when he's called. Really!
My greatest fear concerning this was the fact that there are foxes and other wild beasts that roam this neighborhood under the cover of night. All I could think was that some creature got ahold of my kitty, and I didn't even get to say good-bye!
What a nerve-wracking day...I'm imagining my cat lying out there dead, never to be seen or pet or fed or given milk to or cuddled with again. My poor cat, that I have had for 9's still so young and healthy!
This afternoon while I was, of all things, cleaning up spilt milk, a voice said to me, "did you look in the storage room in your garage?" This voice was in my head, but it was like God said it, it was so clear. So I dropped my rags and ran out there and opened the door, and there he was! My baby! He is such a good kitty, there was no "mess" on the floor anywhere. He came to my arms and touched his nose to my mouth, and then buried his head in my shoulder as if to say, "mommy, you found me, I missed you!" And he stayed in my arms for a few minutes more until his hunger took over and he wanted down so he could eat.
How did he get in the storage room? Last night, we had company, and someone else swept up, and I keep the broom in the storage room. Whoever put it back didn't see my kitty in there and just shut the door...(I always leave it cracked open). He had been in there since 8 PM last night! (Sunday)
My poor kitty missing, and what a sour day. But what a sweet reunion!

You may think I am silly, but this story is true and pets can touch our lives and hearts in very meaningful ways.


Laurie said...

I've done that before, too! We have a shed outside and our kitty got locked in there for two days! I think I felt worse than the kitty!

Laurie in TN

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you were reunited with your kitty!! I'm sorry I haven't been chatty lately but I have been so stressed and have had so much homework to do. I will try to be better about catching you online. I love you, girl! :)

Sugar said...

I agree, that was God telling you where you needed to look. :)

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