Monday, September 18, 2006

It's evil, I tell you, EVIL!

I was reading from a child's book about the planet Venus to my kids today. Here is some of what I was reading to them:

Galileo could see through his telescope that when Venus appeared as a full circle, it looked small. Venus was on the far side of the sun, with its whole lighted side facing Earth. It looked small because it was far away. Then, when Venus was halfway around the sun, Galileo could see half its lighted side. The planet looked like a half-moon. Finally, when Venus appeared as a thin crescent in his telescope, he knew that it's dark side must be facing Earth.

Aaron: "The dark side is evil."

His face was SO serious. Ben and I laughed for a long time, Aaron too! Then Jason laughed once he got home and I told him about this. Tears were streaming down our faces. Wait! Aren't women from Venus? Is he saying that women are evil??
Nah, he's only 5.
He's so funny.

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