Monday, August 28, 2006

76 - 100

The final installment...part 4

76. My favorite vacation destination: Anywhere where I can RELAX. But the beach is last on my list.
77. I love visiting big cities!
78. If I went back to school for anything, I would study to be a masseuse or a dancer.
79. I danced ballet from age 4 to 13, and I JUST found a morning adult ballet class here that I want to go to just for the exercise. I've been looking for years for this! I signed up today!
80. I was in the "deaf and blind" line when God was giving out boobs.
81. I hate eating the same foods. I like lots of variety.
82. Both of my labors were induced.
83. My longest labor was 5 hours, and my shortest was 1 1/2 hours.
84. I want to have a girl, but I don't want to be pregnant again. And I don't want another boy!
85. I get awful sick when I am pregnant.
86. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
87. Halloween is my least favorite holiday.
88. I would rather do laundry than wash dishes.
89. I would rather do dishes than put away clean clothes.
90. I love my walls painted in colors....white is so boring and unfinished looking.
91. My favorite restaurant is a local Italian place here called Anthony's
92. I do not eat pork or anything from a pig if I can help it.
93. Tallahassee is growing fairly fast, but I still think it's too small, and everything that comes here is here last of all the other cities.
94. I like warm, deep, rich colors, not pastels.
95. I spend too much money on clothes.
96. I spend too much money eating out!
97. I have been blessed with good health, good family, and good friends.
98. I have been blessed with the love of God.
99. I have been blessed in every way, richly.
100. Heaven is my goal.


bomba said...

I love your #80...ha!

Jennifer said...

I have no boobs either....waaaaah! I think we might be related!! :)

Laurie said...

Maybe you can come over to my house and help me decide what colors to paint my walls. . .I am scared to experiment with color! :)

Sugar said...

I haven't lived in Tallahassee since I was a wee bonnie! I was about three or four years old. My grandmother was a professor of Education at FSU and my mom - a young widow - took us 4 kids to live with her mom in a tiny bungalow house on the campus while she studied Library Science. :) The house is long gone now. I had a caretaker watch me who cleaned our house as well. Her name was Birdie. We only had ONE bathroom and that was used by 6 people!

ana erb said...

hello, i stumbled upon this entry somehow - if you don't mind me asking: where did you find the adult ballet classes? thanks!

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