Wednesday, August 23, 2006

51 - 75

100 things about me---------part 3

51. I think gas is too expensive, but I don't think it's all Bush's fault.
52. I am underweight right now, and terrified of becoming fat.
53. I don't think I have an eating disorder, though. I love, love, love to eat.
54. My favorite flowers are hydrangeas. I have several hydrangeas bushes around my home.
55. I love to clothes and shoe shop.
56. I do not have a guilt complex about spending money on clothes for myself. I always grab something for the kids or my husband, sometimes my mother in law.
57. I am obsessive about TJ Maxx, because I can buy a lot of clothes for what I would spend on 2 or 3 items at major dept. stores.
58. I can and do scrapbook.
59. I play the piano and alto saxophone.
60. I do not idolize movie stars or TV stars, nor do I follow up and coming musical isn't important to know this stuff.
61. My favorite movie of all time is probably the Indiana Jones series, but I like several others too.
62. I am a jeans and T-shirts person, but some days clothes bother me, I feel too confined, so I would just rather wear a nightgown all day.
63. I love shoes. I have about 50 pair. I like fashionable shoes. I can wear almost any kind of shoe. But I love flip-flops and flats.
64. I keep my toenails painted in bright, but traditional colors.
65. I am totally taken with the Take Home Chef on TLC.... whenever I can catch him on TV, I watch so I can just look at him. He is just about the only blonde man I like the looks of. I don't think he's a real blonde though I don't care, and I want him to come cook for me. Too bad he already came to Tallahassee. And I missed him!
66. I listen to XM radio and I love the 80's station....all 80's all the time.
67. I am prone to tinnitus, most of the time I don't notice it, but last night it woke me up because it sounded like a helicopter outside my window.
68. I LOVE Boston Baked Beans candy. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
69. We have five cats. Hopefully 3 of them will move out by Christmas.
70. Some of my pet peeves are: 1.liars 2. theives 3. Slow and/or late people 4. abortion 5. reality TV
71. I collect all of an author's work.
72. My decorating style is: mostly traditional with warm colors, very clean straight lines in furniture. And I abhor clutter. Everything has to be organized and in it's place.
73. My house is not my "dream house", but it is home, but I can see us building what is my dream home in about 10 years.
74. I love to flip thru magazines, then throw them away for recycling. I keep cooking magazines and use the recipes in them.
75. I buy organic food if it is available and reasonably priced. I always gets what is the healthiest option, and I avoid partially or fully hydrogenated oils at all costs, and I try to steer clear of high fructose corn syrup. Food is best for you when it is closet to it's natural state.


Amy Parris said...

So, in your next list will you give me the diet tips of a girl who is under weight but loves to eat?

shannis said...

You are so much like me it cracks me up...

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