Tuesday, August 22, 2006

26 - 50

100 things about me: part 2

26. I have more friends now than I ever have in my life. What a dream come true to have so many true friends.
27. I used to read all the time when I was younger. I learned to read when I was 3 years old, and could read third grade level when I started Kindergarten at age 4 and a half. Now, I prefer to play music or watch movies, but every once in a while I will get into a cycle where I read a lot.
28. I tend to read all of an author's collection, like Nicholas Sparks, Shel Silverstein, etc... and I like hardback books, and I keep them on shelves on display.
29. I am 29 years old.
30. I am very fearful of uncontrollable situations and the older my kids get, the more I fear for them. I see danger everywhere!
31. I don't watch a lot of TV.
32. I do like Discovery Health channel, and HBO series, like Deadwood.
33. I LOVE a good gold rush novel or Old West setting books (which is why I like Deadwood) in addition to romances and comedy novels.
34. I have very dry skin on my body and very oily skin on my face. My dry skin gets so dry in winter that it cracks ands bleeds regardless of the lotion I put on it.
35.I am glad we have internet technology and email because it has made my life easier in a lot of ways.
36. I hate chain emails.
37. I go to church every Sunday that I am home. I was baptized when I was 27.
38. I love old things. They remind me of simpler times.
39. My first job was working at the local grocery store as a cashier.
40. I am a supervisor for my church's nursery department. We have about 300 kids in our church.
41. My favorite seasons are spring and fall.
42. I love to travel. I love flying, and boating, but I don't like being in a car for long and I don't like to drive.
43. I have been to 15 states, plus DC and the Bahamas. Of the states I have been to, Chicago has been my favorite city, tied with Washington DC.
44. I want to go to Holland and Russia.
45. I have not seen famous landmarks like Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, etc...
46. I have been to DisneyWorld parks several times.
47. I wish I could turn back time.
48. I am a night owl, but I do like being up early. I just get more done at night, like cleaning.
49. I would love to have a maid.
50. I drive a 2006 Cadillac STS. A silver one with black leather interior. Last years Christmas present.


Jennifer said...

I am loving your list, and I am finding out that we have a LOT in common!! :) Can't wait for the rest!! :)

Nikki said...

Hey, this is great...lots to learn about !! Oh, regarding the dry skin..have you tried taking Omega 3 supplements? Increasing your GOOD essential fatty acids will help to balance out your oily/dry skin. Make sure you get a supplement from a reliable source and not just the grocery store. A lot of grocery store products tend to have more heavy metals in them than we think. Happy Wednesday!!

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